Community Outreach

Did you know the journey to re-engaging in physical activities can span up to four years for those who've sustained life-changing, permanent injuries? And only 16% of adaptive athletes were introduced to their sports through a therapist. The reality is, many healthcare professionals are simply not well-informed about the wealth of programs available to the Las Vegas disabled community. High Rollers Adaptive Sports Foundation is committed to bridging this knowledge gap. We aim to enlighten clinicians and other key community members about the dynamic range of opportunities awaiting those with disabilities. During our vibrant community events, we go the extra mile, teaching attendees fun skills like wheelchair wheelies, and even introducing them to the exhilarating world of wheelchair rugby. Interested in being part of something transformative? Contact Us to join us at our next event.


Too often, unused wheelchairs languish in hospitals and assisted living facilities, gathering dust while those in need go without. The High Rollers Foundation tackles this issue head-on, collecting these forgotten wheelchairs via our team bus and donating them to Memra Medical Relief Services, ensuring that they find a second home where they can truly make a difference.

In collaboration with the Nevada Wheelchair Foundation the High Rollers have gone even further to democratize access to essential mobility equipment. Each wheelchair rugby tournament we host features not just intense competition, but also a wheelchair giveaway and a fundraiser benefitting the Nevada Wheelchair Foundation. Our shared goal is to ensure that anyone who needs a wheelchair can obtain one, regardless of financial constraints.

Inpatient Outreach

Being a High Roller is about more than sports; it's about mentorship and resilience. Our athletes, who've faced their own life-changing injuries, are available as peer mentors. Their lived experiences offer unique support, making them a guiding light for those newly navigating disability. Request a peer mentor to ease your transition and discover that life's possibilities are still wide open.

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